Hello world!

We are The Eco Earth Candle Company  and welcome to our first posting on our new blog page. We are a women owned company whom have a natural connection to our Earth.  As a result of our passion, we have created an entire line of hand pour natural soy wax and plant-based candles that are environmentally safe and made with botanical fragrances, 100% organic & kosher soy & palm waxes, and other eco-friendly materials.  Our candles are available online,  in a limited number of selected speciality stores & spas, private labeling and fundraisers.

Much thought and planning went into the design of our products, the materials we use, including the packaging our products  are shipped in. This intentional planning is to ensure we as a company were not contributing to the toxic environment many companies are causing our planet now due to their business practices. For example, all of our packaging including our candle containers can be recycled. In order to do our part to keep landfills as ecologically friendly as possible, we reuse and recycle boxes, packing materials for shipping when ever we can. Often these boxes and materials would end up in landfills, so along with using natural ingredients and recyclable materials, this is how we help reduce waste in our environment. Recycling packages also help keep the cost of shipping and handling down, allowing us to pass these savings on to our customers.  Please read our Mission Statement and learn why Eco Earth Candles is the company you can feel good about doing business with. http://www.ecoearthcandles.com/EcoEarthMissionStatement.html

 We hope you visit our website, and would love to hear from you! Have a great evening! Your Tree Hugging Candle Ladies

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